Virtual reality is the splash, but not ready for prime time

Virtual reality Consumer Electronics This week, while beating Challenge hockey arenas, baseball fields, film-maker umu the Internet, with its spectacular side to "Wreck-it Ralph."

According to the materials but also the influential media with VR technology trade show, according to analysts and industry representatives, and the media were slow Prague.

"VR is dead or unable to continue to make good progress, not just spiritually," Vive virtual reality is sharp, Dan O'Brien, head of the Taiwan-based HTC, said.

"We are used to other computing devices using VR and how we really can respond to the mass market and are working to address the things that are really difficult to see that the gap between."

HTC built into some virtual reality experiment, Vive showed the power-on, a casino Ballroom-packed.

Fidelity Investments in share prices around the digital world into financial s to come.

HTC is working with the Firefox browser maker Mozilla and Amazon's cloud services using an eye-popping virtual reality to enable the provision of access to online sites team.

O'Brien would not numbers, and Vive sale of business or professional interest for the use of heating and sustainable growth.

"Biyts, basic, and it should not be this year," O'Brien said.

Arcades and agencies
Companies, for example, education of employees, or to carry out the tasks of designing products with the virtual reality equipment to find efficiencies and the use of funds.

Virtual reality of a delivery truck driver, accidents can happen, for example, in the real world, as compared to no harm.

HTC coach speaking people protest VR software.

"One or services are included in one of the VR arcade will be a lot of people," O'Brien said.

People may think, if you really leave the same way in real rooms conditional sideways Void VR system in the world, a number of countries, offers an arcade-style events.

Las Vegas Events null and void "Wreck-it Ralph" and "Star Wars" film performances.

360 CES was broken off and VR technology, and multiperson chairs robot arms were manipulated to take on the wild amusement park rides and wailing accompanied combined - clarifying.

Logical Arena artificial goalie tried to send the last of the match VR hockey.

VR as well as medical treatment and disease management, or poor diagnosis, diagnostics and remote areas of the brain are used to allow citizens to "travel".

VR series Feel
In addition to the shoes around Teslasuit artificial settings, start artificial illumination, which is around what she feels.

"So, siler'Red Dead 2'oynop and if someone punches you in the gut, it feels thin," Director General of the Association of Consumer Technology shaking Ben Arnold Teslasuit link.

Many of the offerings of the show where VR technology, famous players to play hard lifestyle, aimed at early adopters.

According to Gartner analyst Tuong Nguyen Chapter CES show floor, artificial and expansions truth is that there is a promising sign.

"People waiting for a long time," Nguyen said.

Despite the prospect of higher long-time analyst, VR hardware and untethered, giving simple and panorama software is required.

Facebook got stuck sitting this year to address the digital worlds of intense images and Oculus will let Quest VR headset.

According to VR-toothed Nguyen and difficult to mass-market sales, especially taking into account mainly limited to the game, and pricey.

On the other hand, the analyst noted, photographs, VR, some people may feel nauseous.

Erie Grobman, Israeli firm specializing in optics head Lumus fabric which can overlay the quantitative data in the world of glasses in advance, but the VR experience is translated as well.

"Finally, there is a device that talks to the strengthening and artificial truths reluctant hero", Grobman AFP reported.

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