Trump electricity, Pelosi epic battle go head to head

Washington (USN), two powerful men - Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi - the servant tried to stop off as trivial resemblance to the blue part of the President and the Speaker Friday morning, a meeting of the White House, the seal will meet for four days.

Experience Trump organization's isolated government will be pioneers of the second day of the Congress, including long negotiations. all well and good, but everyone has the opportunity.

Pelosi is currently Trump law on the side of the hall, which was saved by two years of GOP rule as the basis for supervision and examination of the Congress on the grounds and at the same time his administration compromises.

Pelosi and Trump's political and sensitive, not only that there is an additional excessive. Many of their primary relationship, and a unique understanding of the Robert Mueller Trump must reach a decision accursing demotion procedures may not have the ability to view.

It was confirmed on Thursday, the California Democrat fight environmental changes, the white collar class teaching activities to improve the protection of young people delivering the care of the US documents, sex uniformity and control.

In any case, it is as much truth in addition to the new basic law during his requests for subsidies by the outskirt passed the resolution to revive the parliament, the president sent a few reservations.

"We have finished the distribution. We are separating, but any uncertainty? 

Also, the player and his legal vulnerable today, Pelosi spoke of "playing" with the cancellation of the meeting of the president refused to stop, he may be prosecuted or not the demand, he said.

Trump is closed, the White House was far from calling it quits Instructions for funding from the appearance of the room quickly agreed to his request with a new best strengthen the political enemy and the foundations for a close personal experience.

 services over the last week have helped a lot, and never had, or 

Trump, House Minority pioneer, but after meeting Pelosi recently requested by the White House, the president expressed his country's security secretary, Kirstjen Nils, outskirt security administrators to brief on the south. A protest at the same time, the trump Senate Minority Pioneer Toss Schumer and President of the New York Democrats, the North Korean despot Kim Jong bright private message to shake bubbled over.

This is a very big political parties now, this one seems to have moved to a measure of a mind-boggling to gather on Friday, with the desire to be moved behind the lower one.

Trump successful, according to distinguish its new speaker, wants to praise the lion's share of the voting ceremony, broke the heart of the 2016 decision, based on the image. His position and his minority party vote in the Senate expected to pass the resolution to subsidize Schumer, bolstered by.

Trump closure of the average of analysts maintain its political base against the uprising, but the path is associated with the body of voters Thursday that its "mind" by all accounts, that is seen. Moving now more open in Plano and down.

For this reason, it is difficult to see the exit of a confrontation could be allowed to trump Pelosi and the pursuit of the activities of both the ceremony and educational activities out of concern may be used together - for example, the organization, or the laws of the things we need to do in the future as a tent or liability.

Trump and Pelosi barely more extraordinary, and therefore, they may be in the coming weeks, is difficult to understand how one can produce a kind of communication.

Pelosi since the beginning of the private company, and is full of political detention. Trump also fancies any harm, not in a legal way, the implementation of discretionary debt.

Leave the speaker, still young, despite the noise of a dispute between the Democrats and the early days, to ensure that certain actions, triggered by the Washington process and its authorized body. His family, especially his ability to verify the votes in the first turn connected with the push Obamacare law.

Trump is a prestigious primary, as well as a business model that has been in power for a long time Republican imposing a single command, despite its frivolous nature is always to a certain extent, in order to collect a lesson

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