Out of Pakistan and Figo in World Soccer Stars

Karachi: Football icon Ricardo cocoa and Luís for the official World Soccer Stars event in the city of Karachi on Friday.

During the meeting, they will go for another press conference in Lahore, Karachi, and after his Pearl Continental, a special benefit. They reached Karachi via Dubai special flight earlier today.

During his visit to Pakistan to assist in World Soccer Stars Out star and Brazilian Portuguese legend Figo, Karachi's Jinnah International Airport traditional Sindhi ajrak and Topi met.

World Soccer Stars since April 26 in the city of Lahore, Karachi and 29 from the similarities in the two promised a spectacle of a basketball.

Pakistan on Wednesday with a Twitter post, cocoa, he said he was waiting for a few days.

Me Out
Pakistan Hello! I'm on my way. If you wait a few days with the children.

1:45 AM - Jan 9, 2019
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Figo's former public media news and shared similar feelings. "Asia Embrace basketball and other developing countries will be interested in. I'm not a population of 220 million is huge potential in the international scene," wrote the former Portuguese player.

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