Older people who have to share it with false news, research, conservatives:

Facebook, according to a new study published Wednesday, the 65-Plus, and the conservatives or liberal than the stage fake users aged.

In the 2016 US presidential election, and agreed to share information on their Facebook Princeton and the New York Academy of Scientists analyzing almost 1200 people.

They then compared to respondents with a list of a few shared on Facebook links - including the impulse to share it with false information, created by the well-known sites.

In a study published in the science advances only 8.5 percent of respondents shared a link to one of these sites.

However, the burning of a great and at the end of the political spectrum, conservative, self-assessment.

In fact, users within a 18 - 65 - Despite the political relationship, "almost seven times as many domains of false news articles" for the 29-year-olds, the age group studied.

"No other region-specific false news" seems to be a consistent impact on the writers.

"On the other hand, more than 60 in the city and beyond, American soldiers, the news is not necessary to determine the online digital media literacy," they may not be present.

As well as the memory can be affected by the impact of aging on the proposal.

"This is on account of perceptions of truth, and to undermine the stability of the rest, especially with age and deteriorating", "they wrote.

Research also found to be shared by Republicans and Democrats false news, ideological conservatives shared stories produced during the 2016 presidential campaign, many news articles can be linked with the US president, Donald Trump favored.

"Instead, the pro-Clinton supporters Trump and false news slant, the conservatives than liberals would have this content as possible," wrote Washington Post sent found.

Facebook during the 2016 US election, Russian organizations, including the manipulation of information and misinformation is being hammered for failing to stop.

His other leaders of the US Congress, and promised to listen more transparency, and networking to find a fake registration and has stepped up efforts to eliminate the influence of foreign campaigns.

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