Mo Salah: "The best player in Egypt" can not bear to Leeds?

(USN) bubbly, head of the group within the period of time after the direction of Leeds for the first time since 1990, the local association as an opportunity to make a major step towards winning the title with Manchester City on Thursday, which will be conflict.

A moving ceremony at Manchester Tottenham nine points and hurried 21-minute stretch, they played with class. You lose, the city would close the four holes on the head of the Association of Pioneer.

Jurgen collapse under Cleophas Leeds, a player who has been at the center of Mo Salah. Egypt in the last 16 minutes 13 goals stowing, taypamdı scored again after the start during his warder to discover.

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Head of the Association of the name of the individual, a group of colorful praised Salah and his family, including his brother Mido structure parameters of Real Madrid and Barcelona will be looking forward to see any semblance of spiritual need.

"You have no one knows basketball. I want you off as Madrid, Barcelona or true random way over your head - the players," During 2000, Mido was playing in various clubs of the main Group and the opening height of 51 for Egypt, USN Game You can participate until the end of last year.

"Barcelona and Madrid earned there, especially in Glasgow. I think Barcelona and real Madrid Salah how he feels about that this season - they just hold a decent or not, after a period of incredible players.

"I Salah value of 25 or more goals, in my opinion, I do not want him to Manchester, it becomes difficult to save him."

Salah 32 goals, won the Best Group and the Reds held outside Heroes, and Saturn and shocking first season values.

26-year-old has turned back from a continuous structure of its national wealth to Egypt.

"I think that Salah of Egypt's best player in 2013," is looking for basketball than the current management profession, says Mido.

"All the players off the court, we have a chance in the history of the Egyptian wonderful players, such as the fairy in order for the players and their clubs back to Egypt, which was also extraordinary.

"In any case, the best basketball player in Europe. 10 performs in Europe for 12 years, it should be viewed as the best player in the history of Egypt is retrieved."

Home Group, despite the pressure on Manchester City, Chelsea and Tottenham - Mido's former club - all in the name of the head of the Association of scrum half control, Leeds barely 20 feet, with recreations 17 wins reward.

Salah and more. Similarly, in February, Bayern Munich and Nalubaale Group in advance of the conflict - Jurgen Clo'pas that the wishes of the side last season's competition.

Of course, Salah Leeds have won this season and flatware, all barrels must be stopped.

"I know the mark of each event, and 25 or more this season," Mido said.

"He played in an instant, a club, valued by each of these negative thoughts around her head to understand that. What a wonderful, of course, is to help take it off, pitch and pitch."

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