Matloob Ahmed Rashid D. Habib Memorial is the first day of the National Professional Golf

Karachi: Bank Al Habib eight Rashid D. Habib Memorial National Professional Golf Championship held in Karachi on Thursday in the first round of the Golf Course. According to the Lahore Gymkhana Matloob Ahmed par on the first day with 65-7.

According to par invites Hamza Amin Holbrooke Baloch in Islamabad today to 68-4 and the second is 666, par. Last year, champion Muhammad Iqbal Shabbir 69- ranked seventh with a 3-under par.

All the players hailing from Pakistan, played a manifestation of the cloudy weather. Despite the wind, of course, the players greens have signed the code, because I made a good condition. It seems hard to pin placement, but also by the organizers.

This year, the main tournament, 10-year, more than 72 Holes Pakistan Golf Federation (PGF) with production work on the last two days, 13 playing rules. Senior national experts and junior professionals, as well as playing at the same time the respective categories.

Pakistan still appears, Rs500,000 amount of money will be distributed among the top-five players. A player that lady luck and a hole-Bank Al Habib, a brand new 1300cc machine has to be laid for another three days.

will be of great importance in the final round on Sunday.

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