Kohli Pandya does not reflect its "sexist" comments team, says:

SYDNEY: India's Virat Kohli, head of the social media sparked controversy Friday, television talk show host of all-rounder: Niels Pandya as sexist by his team.

Pandya as well as in India, during an interview with his prowess with women proudly opening batsman KL Rahul was involved, concerns about the culture within the team.

According to the program, with Karan Koffee, personal issues, and invited Bollywood producer and director Karan Johar held.

Two players from Sydney Australia on Saturday against the suspension of Control for Cricket in India and the world, along with the team's upcoming one-day event closed to explain themselves.

Kohli pressure on the pre-game media conference on this issue and the tone was clear there was no way.

"It appears that the Indian cricket team point of view, this is a political campaign with all sorts of wrong ideas, there's not necessarily support," he said.

Kohli two players understand that "what's scale," he added.

"Of course, this is, of course, there is a severe blow, and they did not understand."

On Wednesday, the two leaders of the Indian cricket player Pandya has already apologized for the mass media, public and given 24 hours to explain themselves, he said.

"Karan Koffee After reflecting on my comments, I will hurt you in any way I would like to apologize to everyone who may be interested", Pandya Twitter.

"To be honest, I was a natural and a bit. No, I do not respect anyone's feelings or Spike. Sincerely," he added.

Pandya of "enemies of the cause of women's anger," she comments

I am not a Test series for the first time to beat Australia team Pandya, a few boasted of his success with women.

"You just see and observe the steps of (the women), and the black side under the influence of the culture (West Indies), that will be only for a short time, and I see how they are moved to the first," he said.

Pandya also after losing the girl, her parents wrapped.

He filigree-bowling all rounder, usually to avoid an automatic Kohli proved a headache for Saturday remains unclear whether he plays or not.

After India won the Test series for the first time in the country with Armenia will play three one dayers 2-1.

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