Kaká excited portions of the head of Pakistan's national assembly, Figo

Karachi: Pakistan's national leader Saddam Hussein, the official World Soccer Stars event earlier today to launch Karachi Brazilian star, Ricardo cocoa and Portuguese legend Luis Figo, and was happy to answer.

"I am glad to meet today Me and Figo will be fulfilled," Hussain Geo.tv. reported

He is no longer the 25-year-old basketball stars of the national team jersey that will be shared. "I football team Jersey and cocoa and bring Figo] because it is the flag of Pakistan," Hussain said.

Out of Pakistan and Figo in World Soccer Stars

During the meeting, they went to a press conference in Lahore for another, and then to participate in the Pearl Continental, Karachi. During his visit to Pakistan to assist in World Soccer Stars star, Karachi's Jinnah International Airport traditional Sindhi ajrak and Topi met.

This event is considered the legendary trip is organized by a group of TouchSky hopes the rest of the world will help to provide a soft image of Pakistan.

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