Despite Bancroft's argument with Warner is interested in re-opening

Cameron Bancroft, David Warner against any grudge and time-tampering scandal was countered claims that Armenia is interested to continue cooperation for the discovery.

Copy forbidden for the nine months ended 26-year-old Bancroft, confirmed that an explosion in the television interview last month, he was asked to change the ball Warner.

Warner and Steve Smith, and their activities for three months did not have the game moved to South Africa last March incident.

Although some analysts believe that the relationship is now clear, Bancroft, and he held no ill feeling and a warning, and Smith said he is in touch with.

"Of course," he said Warner asked if you want to play with.

"Do not, good people, very honest and earnest, Dave, Neslihan, like all of the code, all the problems. We have not?"

After the scandal of fraud and met almost balloons, games, a yoga teacher and had been admitted Bancroft, "the code next to each other," he added.

"I went out and plays with Dave again in cricket. He's achieved so much that the quality of cricket cricket team and you can go to who's looking forward to a day like that.

"As a player you like, try to be around the same as the players. Because why education as a cricketer, I'm in love."

Bancroft, now and again Wednesday night, a match-winning half-century, stroking, the Big Bash League with Perth Scorchers are playing.

He was in Raleigh county cricket stint later this year in an appropriate manner, but he struggled with Time Warner, Australia's batsmen, with an eye on England's Ashes tour.

"I just love playing cricket, though, it was something I was really interested in," he said to Durham.

"She missed a chunk of cricket and domestic cricket season of torment slowly improving over there, and will continue to enjoy this great game will be interested."

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