Cristiano Ronaldo rape case, DNA request

Las Vegas police investigating allegations of rape made against him as part of a DNA sample requested by basketball star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Juventus forward has rejected accusations that has become a standard procedure in the petition, told AFP his lawyer, Peter Christiansen.

"Mr. Ronaldo will always be stored and what it is today, with the consent of the sightings in Las Vegas in 2009, so that as a part of the DNA of this, the police has not surprising, then, sorry, this is very typical of their investigation," the statement said.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Policy Department, adding that the Italian authorities made an official request to facilitate the collection, said: "DNA evidence with any other sexual assault in this case, the same steps."

Former model Catherine Mayorga, 34, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, according to a complaint filed last year against Ronaldo.

He has supporters in Las Vegas to meet with him at night, he raped her in his hotel suite at June 13, 2009 - He joined Real Madrid from Manchester United.

A statement was silent Mayorga to $ 375.000.

Ronaldo's lawyers, non-disclosure agreement signed with the former model, I said that means "to repent."

Mayorga's lawyer before going to a model state, agreed to settle in order to preserve the name of the court, but the sexual harassment against #MeToo movement to speak with him by the holy spirit.

Mayorga's lawyer was not available for immediate comment on Thursday.

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