CJP fee schools and facilities in order to reduce the cutting time ago

Nisar moved Chief Justice of Pakistan on Thursday, with a 20 percent reduction in the order of the Supreme Court expressed annoyance with the private school owner.

Justice Nisar inanimate court's three-judge bench headed by the private school tuition to rise against the Indonesian case was heard. With its decision of December 13, for a 20 percent pay cut wages and high Rs5,000 charge of all the private schools had ordered.

A court order, the high court again cutting back the basic facilities for students and teachers to the school to meet with the dismissal of its claims.

"Schools have to meet the payment on cutting the sentence of the court decision, they demean .. will not tolerate such an action, we put them to court," Justice Nisar hearings.

Private Schools Association President Zafran Elahi, the rest will be refunded, if schools are closed.

"This study does not provide a refund, which was closed, the better it is. You're trying to blackmail Elahi} {court observed, the peace of the Christ."

The Supreme Court ruling of 20 percent fee cut salaries of over Rs 5,000 reiterated that the charging of all the private schools.

President of the Supreme Court Bar Association Amanullah Kanzai several schools for students fee after cutting the sentence to the court adopted a suspicious attitude.

"Students pay cut, but they may not have the facilities to students," he told the court.

CJP orders not to reward schools, forensic audit
Chief Justice Nisar rest of the fee is not returned to school to conduct a forensic audit Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Revenue representative of the Federal Board of private schools often said that paying just Rs 1.2 billion in tax court. This action, taken against the seven large private schools, but they added that there had to be a little out of order.

The main concerns of schools and schools to provide financial documents and to FBR.

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