Andy Murray's Australian Open may be Swansong:

Mayer: Andy Murray will retire after the Australian Open, was playing with him, almost unbearable pain in his right thigh, the former world number one said on Friday.

heart racing, he had originally planned to leave after this year's Wimbledon tournament play as a three-time Grand Slam champion's media conference crying, but now Melbourne Park felt that he could end his Swansong.

"I still have four or five months, would not be able to play through the pain is not visible because it was just a coincidence," 31-year-old Briton, who is now ranked 230th in the world, he said.

"The pain and, indeed, I do not want to continue to play the same way.

"The pain of tennis, competing or training, or should not be allowed to enjoy any matter."

Melbourne Park, a five-time runner out Murray for joint surgery a year ago, played with a few years of pain.

He came back last year, but in 2018 was forced to cut the season short.

While still struggling in the December pre-season camp, Murray felt he could not go for a longer, his team said.

"Oh, just playing with the idea of ​​nothing that could stop the disease, and I felt that this decision," he said.

"I Team". Here, I would like to Wimbledon, this is where I think we can say: "I'd like to stop and said: - are playing to help in this regard. However, I'm not, but I'm certain."

Murray, a two-time Wimbledon winner since Fred Perry in 1936, Britain's first men's champion, and he was considering another round of the major hip surgery that permanently shut down, and left the door to the comeback.

He will return to the court after the last surgery Brisbane International has been in contact with the US doubles champion Bob Bryan said.

the operation is aimed at improving the quality of life rather than his successor, two-time Olympic champion, too, he added.

"I am hip, which allowed me to improve the quality of life we ​​have, and I already get a little more difficult than any other activity, there is a possibility," he said.

"I'm serious now.

"Bob Bryan's post-Wimbledon last year, and this operation is, of course, is playing.

"But, of course, the physical nature and movement, and to build on the rope, and there is a difference between the two times. Of course, there's no guarantee."

Murray everyday life, the main thing, like putting on socks and shoes, and hurt him, and every conversation, he was tired of talking about the hip.

Melbourne Park on Thursday, top seed ─░zner N. Practice 6-1 4-1 defeat to struggling Murray, playing in the first round on Monday 22 Cristiano Spaniard Roberto agouti is developed.

"I'm playing, I can play another position, not playing, I'm happy", he said.

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